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Paper Bowls

As the call to sustainability intensifies, the need for food businesses to take up eco-friendly packaging solutions remains an essential step. 

QNP Supplies is a packaging solutions company that provides businesses with high-quality, sustainable takeaway supplies. 

Our Kraft paper bowls are a stylish, environmentally friendly alternative to take away containers. They combine functionality with a natural aesthetic. 

The Sustainable and Stylish Takeout Option

The paper bowls with lids are made from sturdy paper (Kraft), contributing to their aesthetic and functionality. 

It’s also a recyclable and biodegradable material that’s environmentally friendly. 

Paper bowls are an alternative to traditional plastic containers that take longer to decompose and are potentially an environmental pollutant. 

The paper bowls have a natural and rustic look that enhances your food presentation while appealing to sustainability-conscious customers.

Performance and Functionality

Material Composition:

QNP’s Kraft paper bowls are made from high-quality paper, ensuring sturdiness and durability. 

Their structural integrity and unique design make them ideal for various foods, from soup and salads to rice dishes. 

Leakproof Options:

Our paper bowls with lids are handy for saucy or liquid foods. They prevent leaks and spills, ensuring the food delivered is in mint condition. 

The lids also help ensure a mess-free experience and keep the food at the intended temperature. 


Our kraft paper bowls are available in various sizes to accommodate different serving portions. 

Whether you need disposable soup bowls or small bowls for side dishes and appetizers, we have the right size for your business’s needs. 

Microwave-safe Capabilities:

Our bowls are microwave-safe, allowing meals to be reheated, which adds some convenience to food delivery. The paper bowls with lids are also freeze-safe for easy food storage. 

Stackable Design:

Our disposable soup bowls feature a stackable design to help optimize kitchen space and simplify organization. 

Stackable soup bowls make stocking up on big batches easier, allowing for a seamless packaging process and being convenient during busy service hours.

Diverse Uses:

Paper bowls can be used in various ways as needed. We have specialized soup bowls in different sizes that can handle high temperatures and grease. 

We also have disposable salad bowls with wide diameters that allow easy consumption of the contents. 

The regular bowls are multipurpose products that can be used to serve different palates. 

We also sell kraft soup bowl lids separately, which can keep the food hot or cold and secure it. 

Our recyclable clear plastic bowl lids add aesthetic appeal to the meals and packaging.

Benefit for Restaurants and Cafes


Purchasing kraft paper bowls at wholesale prices with QNP Supplies offers the most effective transition into sustainable packaging solutions. 

Our competitive pricing helps you purchase high-quality, sustainable packaging in bulk, reducing your overall costs. 

Convenience Features:

Some practical features of disposable soup bowls, such as leakproof and stackable design, make them ideal for takeout and delivery. 

The lids snap tight to the bowls, ensuring your food is uncontaminated and presentable during transportation. 

Positive Brand Image: 

The Kraft paper bowls are a good show of your restaurant’s commitment to sustainability.

 Customers are turning to businesses that prioritize sustainability, and aligning your packaging choices with their preferences can attract new customers and retain your existing ones. 

Custom Printing:

Enhance your brand’s reach with custom-printed paper bowls. QNP Supplies offers custom food packaging services on paper bowls. 

You can add a logo or unique design to leverage your takeout supplies as a marketing tool.

Make the Change Today

Paper bowls are a sustainable option for businesses to showcase their drive towards sustainable practices. They are recyclable products that offer versatile uses in food packaging. 

Browse our variety of paper bowls with lids and find a packaging solution that fits your business needs. Contact us today for a quote. 

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