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Compostable Cups

Currently, sustainability is one of the top priorities for consumers engaging with a particular business. Hence, choosing the right compostable containers and takeout supplies is critical to your restaurant’s success. 

At QNP Supplies, we partner with eco-friendly food and restaurant businesses in Canada by providing compostable and biodegradable disposable cups. 

Our compostable cups are practical, cost-effective packaging solutions that help you achieve sustainability goals. 

The Sustainable Solution

Coffee shops, among other beverage companies, need help finding renewable and environmentally friendly solutions. 

Most businesses default to single-use plastic cups, which can negatively impact the environment. 

By switching to compostable cups, you can make a difference in reducing waste and promoting sustainability. 

Traditional plastic cups take hundreds of years to decompose, burdening landfills and promoting environmental pollution. 

In contrast, our compostable cups decompose much faster, causing a low environmental impact. 

Composting is the natural process where organic materials break down into simpler compounds. Our disposable coffee cups are made from renewable resources, sugarcane fibres, which are 100% compostable. 

When disposed of appropriately, our biodegradable cups decompose efficiently without leaving harmful residues. 

They are a sustainable option because of their rigidity and functionality, meaning there’s less food wastage and failure of the cups. 

Variety Of Compostable Cups

QNP Supplies offers a diverse selection of compostable cups to cater to your business needs

  • Cold Cups: Our cold cups are perfect for iced teas, soft drinks, and smoothies. The cups are sturdy and stylish, offering an appealing presentation. 
  • Hot Disposable Coffee Cups with Lids: Ideal for coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The cups are designed to withstand high temperatures while remaining comfortable to handle hot liquids. 

The lids help secure the cup’s contents, preventing spills and maintaining the temperature of the contents. 

  • Compostable Lids: The lids are available in different sizes and are made of material similar to compostable cups. 

They lock securely to the cups without losing integrity. The cup’s vent hole allows customers to sip the contents comfortably.

Our compostable cups come in various sizes and can be custom-made, ensuring you have the right option for every type of drink you serve. 

Benefits for Restaurants

  1. Meet Consumer Demand:

Today’s consumers are more aware of environmental issues and are inclined towards sustainable businesses. 

Our compostable cups help align your restaurant with these values, building loyalty and attracting new customers.

  1. Positive Brand Image:

Adopting eco-friendly packaging not only satisfies customer preferences but also enhances brand reputation. 

It positions your food business as a responsible, forward-thinking establishment, setting you apart from competitors. 

  1. Cost Effectiveness:

Buy compostable cups wholesale from QNP Supplies for the best offers in Canada. Our competitive prices on biodegradable cups ensure you make the environmentally friendly choice without significantly increasing overhead costs. 

  1. Functionality and Performance:

Takeout supplies must be reliable, functional, and convenient; our compostables don’t compromise these features. 

They perform exceptionally compared to traditional and other biodegradable cup options:

  • Heat insulation: Our disposable coffee cups offer excellent heat insulation, keeping beverages warm without compromising the cup’s structure. 
  • Leakproof: Our biodegradable cups are rigid, preventing accidental spills by potentially crushing the cup or through sippage. 

Our compostable lids snap perfectly to the cups, allowing easy movement during delivery or takeaways. 

  • Durability: Our cups are strong and easily handle hot and cold beverages. 
  • Convenient: The disposable coffee cups are easy to handle during packaging and delivery. 

They fit well in your customers’ hands, and the rounded tops and the intelligently designed lids allow for easy food consumption. 

Custom Printing Services

Improve your brand’s presence with custom-printed compostable cups. 

QNP Supplies offers custom printing and custom food packaging services, allowing you to showcase your logo and design on your takeout disposable cups. 

Take the Next Step in Sustainability

QNP Supplies is a food packaging solutions company that offers a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging to restaurants and businesses in Canada. 

We offer competitive wholesale prices, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Contact us today for a quote to access our unparalleled portfolio of disposable coffee cups.

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