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Paper Products

For the current environmentally conscious market, offering sustainable packaging solutions is essential for the food and restaurant industry. 

At QNP Supplies, we cater to businesses’ packaging needs with eco-friendly paper food containers.

Our paper takeout supplies are cost-effective and reliable, providing the right sustainable packaging solution for restaurants. 

The Eco-friendly and Cost-effective Option

Paper containers for food are made from recyclable and renewable resources, reducing your restaurant’s environmental impact. 

Paper food containers are a more sustainable option than traditional plastic and foam containers. They are also comparable in functionality and performance to traditional containers.

These containers are an affordable food packaging solution, hence providing high-quality packaging while keeping within your budget. 

Variety of Paper Takeout Supplies

At QNP Supplies, we have a variety of paper food containers that meet your business needs:

  • Kraft Bowls: Kraft paper bowls are strong and durable paper takeaway containers are ideal for various foods, from salads to hot and greasy foods. 
  • Paper Cups: Paper cups and lids are perfect for beverages designed to keep the desired temperature, whether hot or cold. 
  • Kraft Soup Bowls: These paper takeout containers are ergonomically designed for serving and carrying soups. 

They handle high temperatures well and have a rounded top for easy consumption. 

  • Kraft Portion Cups: These paper portion cups are handy when serving dressings, sauces and condiments. 

They can enhance food presentation and serve consistent portions. 

  • Kraft Vented Containers: These are designed to handle hot and greasy foods. 

These containers let out steam, which can make food soggy or cause it to lose freshness. 

  • Kraft Noodle Box: This is the ideal packaging solution for serving takeaway noodles. 

It is designed for easy consumption and attractive presentation of the food. 

  • Paper Straws: We offer a variety of paper straws that serve different functions. 

We offer 3-ply milkshake, bubble tea and standard paper straws. 

  • Paper Container Lids: Our range of lids includes kraft-inspired lids and clear PET plastic lids for better food presentation. 

They are available in different sizes for all our product offerings. 

Key Features of Paper Containers

  • Single-wall vs. Double-wall Insulation: The paper containers have added features such as double walls for added heat retention and easy handling. 

The single-wall containers are as functional but have the advantage of cost efficiency. 

  • Leakproof Option: Our leakproof containers are perfect for saucy or greasy foods, ensuring no spills or messes. 
  • Vented Lids: Keep food fresh and prevent condensation with vented lids on paper containers for food. They are ideal for hot foods; you want to avoid getting soggy. 

Benefits For Restaurants 

Convenience and Affordability:

Paper takeout containers are convenient and affordable, making them an excellent restaurant choice. 

They are easy to store, lightweight and stackable, saving on storage and enhancing food delivery. 

Moreover, you can find them at wholesale prices in Canada with QNP Supplies, so they do not significantly affect your running costs. 

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Our paper food containers are designed with a particular focus on customer experience. 

For example, they are microwave and freezer-safe, enabling customers to reheat or store their meals without transferring them to another dish. 

These features help ensure a seamless and enjoyable dining experience. 

Customizable Branding:

Enhance your brand with custom-printed paper food containers. QNP Supplies offers customizable printing services, allowing you to add your logo to your takeout supplies. 

Branding your takeout supplies helps reinforce your brand identity and transforms your packaging into a marketing tool. 


Paper takeaway containers are versatile products which can handle various types of foods. 

They can handle hot, cold and greasy foods without losing integrity or shape. 

Take the Next Step in Sustainability

Paper food containers are an excellent alternative to traditional food packaging solutions, providing an environmentally friendly option. 

Browse our selection of paper takeaway containers or contact us today for a quote.

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