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Compostable Plates

Sustainable packaging in Canada is no longer a trend but a necessity for the food and restaurant industry. 

At QNP Supplies, we support eco-conscious business owners with high-quality, compostable plates. 

Our disposable eating plates meet the increasing demand for sustainable alternatives, focusing on providing performance and functionality. 

The Eco-Friendly Alternative

Our compostable plates are environmentally friendly utensils that lower your restaurant’s environmental impact. 

Due to their biodegradable properties, they reduce landfill waste and environmental pollution compared to traditional disposable plates made from foam or plastic. 

What do we mean by compostable plates? Composting is a natural process in which organic materials break down into simpler compounds, producing nutrient-rich soil. 

Our compostable plates are made from 100% compostable sugarcane pulp. Therefore, when disposed of in a commercial composting facility, the plates easily break down without leaving harmful residues. 

 Variety of Compostable Plates

QNPSupplies offers a wide range of compostable plates to meet your restaurants’ needs:

  • Compostable Round Plates: These are ideal for main courses and are available in different sizes to accommodate different portions. 
  • Compartment Round Plates: These are big eco friendly disposable plates designed to keep foods separate. 

They are perfect for meals with multiple components, such as salads, entrees, and sides. 

The plates are versatile and suitable for all types of foods. Whether you serve hot, cold, dry, or saucy dishes, our plates maintain their integrity and reliability. 

Benefits for Restaurants

Meet Customer Demand:

Consumers are now more environmentally conscious than ever before. Offering biodegradable plates helps meet the growing demand and attract eco-conscious customers. 


QNP Supplies wholesale prices facilitate a smooth transition into sustainable food packaging. 

The disposable plates are durable and reliable, so they do not compromise food presentation and delivery. 

Performance and Functionality

Our compostable plates are designed to offer the same reliability as traditional options and even to exceed expectations. 

Their unique features include:

  • Heat Resistance: The disposable eating plates are suitable for hot and cold foods. 

They maintain their shape and strength when holding hot dishes, providing a deluxe dining experience.

  • Microwave Friendly: The biodegradable plates offer extra convenience when reheating meals for customers with a microwave. It’s also an advantage for customers doing takeaway. 
  • Grease-resistant: This feature allows for a mess-free experience, maintains the package’s integrity, and protects the consumer from unwanted stains. 

Added Value with Custom Printing

QNP Supplies offers businesses affordable custom printing services on takeout supplies. 

We are your one-stop shop for branded compostable takeaway containers. 

Branding your takeout containers helps increase brand recognition by turning your packaging into a marketing tool. 

Compostable vs Traditional Plates

Compostable plates have a lower environmental impact than traditional foam plastic plates. 

They take less time to decompose, reducing environmental pollution. 

Compostable plates also offer comparable and even better performance than traditional plates. 

Their low environmental impact, in addition to their functionality, ensures that you meet the high standards required for food service. 

Make your Impact Today

QNP Supplies compostable plates are your ticket to enhanced sustainability and improved customer satisfaction in your business.

Browse through our disposable eating plates and contact us for a quote today.

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