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Compostable Hinged Containers

In Canada’s competitive food and restaurant industry, offering sustainable packaging options could set your business apart. 

QNP Supplies is an eco-friendly packaging solutions company with top-rated products such as our compostable hinged containers, also known as clamshell packaging. 

These packaging containers are designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable takeout options while maintaining functionality and convenience for your business. 

The Sustainable Takeout Option

Compostable hinged containers are an advancement from the traditional foam food containers. 

Foam takeout containers are functional but at the cost of contributing to landfill waste and environmental pollution. 

In contrast, our clamshell containers are made from renewable resources, decomposing within shorter periods and are environmentally friendly. 

Compostable hinged containers are the new favourite as they are made of organic materials which quickly break down into nutrient-rich soil. 

Our hinged containers are made of sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar industry. 

The material is fully biodegradable, breaking down efficiently with careful disposal without leaving harmful residues. 

By investing in compostable containers, your business and customers help transform waste into valuable resources, promoting a circular economy. 

Features and Functionality

Material Composition:

Our compostable clamshell containers are made from sugarcane pulp, a sustainable and renewable resource. The material is also strong and durable, ensuring food stays secure during transport. 

LeakProof Closures:

Our hinged containers can handle various foods, such as soups and sauces, as they feature leakproof closures that prevent spills and maintain food quality. 

The closures help ensure a mess-free experience for your customers during delivery. 

Hinged lids:

The lids are attached to the containers, adding extra convenience for restaurant staff and customers.

The attached lids help streamline the packaging process and ensure contents remain intact in transportation. 

Customers don’t have to worry about losing the lids, which ensures a tight seal and enhances the takeout experience. 

Stackable Design:

Our containers are stackable for efficient storage and transportation. This feature saves valuable space in your kitchen and during delivery. 

The stackable design is highly beneficial for high-volume operations, ensuring a continuous supply of packaging containers. 

Sizes and Suitability:

We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate different portions and types of food, from appetizers to full meals. You can also request custom food packaging that meets your business needs.

Moreover, we have compartmentalized clamshell containers for serving different dishes in the same pack. 

The compartments are well separated to ensure your foods don’t mix up, staying fresh and tasty. 

Whether serving hot foods, salads or desserts, our compostable hinged containers are versatile and reliable. 

Benefits for restaurants

Meet Customer Demand:

Consumers are increasingly seeking businesses that prioritize sustainability. Purchasing our compostable clamshell containers helps you meet the demand, attracting eco-conscious customers. 

Enhance Brand Image:

Our eco-friendly packaging helps send the message of commitment to sustainability. 

With all the buzz on sustainability, our products give you a selling point for environmentally aware consumers.

Cost Effectiveness:

With QNP Supplies, you can enjoy the best wholesale prices on compostable hinged containers. 

Our competitive pricing ensures you can adopt sustainable practices without significantly increasing operation costs. 

Added Value with Custom Printing:

Leverage our affordable custom printing service to elevate your brand awareness. 

Add your logo or unique design to your clamshell containers, which is a powerful marketing tool. 

It is an opportunity to promote your restaurant and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Compostable vs Traditional Takeout Containers

Compostable hinged containers are made from renewable resources, ensuring they decompose quickly and reduce landfill waste. 

Traditional foam takeout containers are made from petroleum-based plastics, contributing to pollution and burdening landfills. 

On performance, compostable hinged containers are similar and even better than traditional options. 

They tick all the boxes on reliability, durability and bonus on lowered environmental costs. 

Take Action Today

Let your business positively impact your environment with QNP Supplies’ compostable hinged containers. 

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