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Take Out Supplies

QNP Supplies is your trusted partner for top-quality takeout supplies in Vancouver. We help business owners in the food and restaurant industry access innovative food packaging solutions.

We understand the role of reliable, convenient, and sustainable packaging in ensuring customers have a pleasurable takeout experience. 

Therefore, we help you stock up on a wide range of food packaging supplies designed to suit your business needs. 

At QNP Supplies, we offer an extensive selection crafted from different materials to meet your specific requirements:

Paper Containers

Paper containers are an environment-friendly packaging solution. Our compostable and recyclable paper takeout containers are ideal for hot foods and greasy items.

They are available with single-wall or double-wall insulation to keep your food at the right temperature and for easy handling. 

Plastic Containers 

Plastic food containers are ideal for cold foods, salads, and deli items. Our take-out containers are food-safe and made from recyclable plastic. 

They are also easy to handle and stack for transportation, making food delivery logistics easier. 

The lids fit well to the containers for a leakproof and comfortable takeaway experience. 

Eco-friendly Options

For restaurants committed to sustainability, we offer biodegradable and compostable containers and utensils from materials like bamboo and recycled paper. 

We also have compostable plates made from sugar cane pulp, which are 100% compostable and do not have plastic liners.

Our containers feature a variety of functional designs, including:

  • Leakproof closures: Prevent spills and leaks, ensuring food remains intact and uncontaminated during transport. 
  • Vented lids: Perfect for hot food, these lids allow steam to escape, preventing sogginess. 
  • Compartments: Our range of compartmentalized containers keeps food items separate, helping maintain their flavours and textures.

Benefits for restaurants

  • Cost-effectiveness: Our wholesale prices for takeout supplies can help you save significantly on costs, promoting a higher return on investment. 
  • Convenience: Our microwave-friendly containers make reheating food easy for your customers. 

They are also portable and compact for your customers to carry around. Their stackable design ensures efficient storage and easy transport, saving you space and time. 

  • Eco-friendly Options: Our wide roster is what you need to meet your sustainability goals. These products help the environment and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, widening your customer base. 
  • Customizable Branding: Our custom printing services for your take-out containers help enhance your brand visibility.

A personalized touch on your takeaway containers reinforces brand identity and creates a memorable customer experience. 

Choosing the right take-out container ensures food quality and customer satisfaction. Here are some key factors to consider: 

  • Food Type: Insulated paper or vented plastic containers are best for hot and greasy food. Clear plastic containers work best for cold items like salads or desserts. 

Moreover, presentation matters in bringing out the appeal of a particular recipe. A three-course meal may need a compartment container, while a salad may only need a bowl.

  • Portion Size: Choose containers that match the portion sizes you offer. This helps with portion control and provides a consistent customer experience. 

Browse through our pre-stocked container sizes or order your custom fit or size that meets your business needs.

  • Desired Functionality: Consider the features needed for better packaging your food options. 

Leakproof containers are good for soups and sauces, while compartmentalized containers are ideal for meals with separate dishes. 

Why Choose QNP Supplies?

QNP Supplies is more than just packaging; we are partners in helping your business access superior-quality products, competitive pricing, and unparalleled customer service. 

We are committed to availing sustainable and environment-friendly packaging solutions that meet your business needs, 

Browse our unique selection of takeout containers and food packaging supplies today. 

Contact us for a personalized quote, and let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs. 

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