One Standard Low Wholesale Pricing

Most suppliers require you to submit requests and get back to you on prices, so it can vary between customers. Our goal is to streamline the sales of these Eco-friendly products and provide customers all the information they need at their fingertips to make the order, regardless of their order size and location.


Who We Serve?

We serve the food and hospitality industries, as well as industrial, small and medium businesses.

After a few years of operations, we have built several relations with our clients in a wide range of industries. We maintain good rapport with our clients and respond to their needs in a timely manner.

We believe that our clients choose us because they value our service above all else.


Why Should You Work With QNP Supplies?

We firmly believe customers will appreciate the level of service they can expect from QNP Supplies. While we do not have any products that are proprietary, we hand select the best quality products after testing them, and work directly with the manufacturers to ensure our customers are satisfied. We pride ourselves in giving our complete attention to each customer. That is what separates us from the competitors.


Causes That We Serve

Our business aims to provide eco-friendly products, for those looking for recyclable options, or compostable products. We want to reduce and change the footprint that single serve businesses create.


Our Company Mission

Our mission is to eventually transition all products into paper as it is renewable, and the technology is readily in place to recycle paper efficiently.


Plans For The Future

In the future, we are looking into manufacturing our own products to meet the needs and demands of our clients

We are also working towards a Pallet/skid monthly storage and fulfillment program that should come online in the end of 2023/ early 2024. Stay tuned.