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Compostable Bowls

Compostable bowls are an environmentally conscious investment your business needs to align with your food delivery logistics. 

QNP Supplies is your one-stop shop for compostable disposable bowls with lids. 

Our eco friendly packaging solutions are the takeaway supplies your restaurant or business can leverage to revamp your food delivery service.

Types of Compostable Disposable Bowls

We have a variety of disposable bowls made from various materials to meet your business needs:

  • Bagasse Compostable Bowls:

Our compostable bowls are made of bagasse. Bagasse is made from the pulp of sugarcane that’s transformed into sugarcane fibre. It is 100% compostable and biodegradable. 

The rigid material allows various uses, including packaging hot and cold dishes. They are available in multiple sizes, ensuring the right fit for every portion. 

Our disposable bagasse bowls are convenient and functional. They are leakproof and durable, allowing for easy takeout and delivery. 

They are also microwave-safe, perfect for preheating, providing added convenience for your customers. 

  • Bagasse Compostable Lids: 

For businesses that need compostable bowls with lids, we offer bagasse lids that snap tight on the bowls. 

The compostable lids are as functional and reliable as the bowls. They allow you to stack the bowls during delivery, which is convenient for large orders. 

Their stackable design also helps save kitchen space and easy storage. 

  • Recyclable Plastic Lids:

With QNP Supplies, you can use plastic lids to hold your compostable bowls. 

Why use compostable bowls with plastic lids? The lids are recyclable, hence keeping with your sustainability goals. 

They also incorporate the aesthetic needed for particular dishes or recipes. For large orders, they help with easy confirmation of the contents during delivery. 

Benefits for Restaurants

QNP Supplies’ roster of disposable bowls with lids offers numerous benefits that help streamline operations and enhance customer service: 


Disposable bowls save time and resources needed for washing and sanitizing. Their stackable design also ensures efficient use of storage space, allowing you to manage extensive inventories. 

Cost Effectiveness:

Our wholesale prices on compostable bowls with lids are competitive, ensuring you get the best value for your money. 

Moreover, you can make bulk purchases with us, ensuring you have a steady supply.

They are also functional because they are affordable, heat resistant, have leakproof closures, and are durable during packaging and delivery. 

Improved Customer Experience:

Our compostable bowls’ leak proof design and secure lids ensure a mess-free customer experience. 

In addition, the products are microwave-safe, allowing customers to reheat meals conveniently. 

The disposable bowls with lids are an eco-friendly alternative that appeals to environmentally conscious customers and enhances your brand image. 

Custom Printing:

Elevate your brand with custom-printed compostable bowls. QNP Supplies can help add your logo to our disposable bowls with lids. 

Branding your takeout supplies is a good marketing tool for reaching a diverse audience organically. 

Buy Compostable Bowls with QNP Supplies Canada

With the right takeaway supplies, you can transform your takeout and delivery service to ensure customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

QNP Supplies compostable bowls are designed to provide heat resistance, durability, and a leakproof experience. 

These features help you shift seamlessly from traditional packaging and attract a new demographic of environmentally conscious consumers.

Make the shift with QNP Supplies. Contact us for a quote today to fast-track your business’s performance and sustainability goals. 

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