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Compostable Products

The call for sustainability is a growing worldwide phenomenon, intending to establish an environmentally conscious world. 

As a business owner in the food and restaurant industry, you can lead the way by using compostable takeout containers from QNP Supplies. 

Our eco-friendly packaging solutions help meet the growing demand for sustainable options while enhancing the customer experience and business bottom line. 

Compostable takeout containers and utensils are a decisive step towards reducing waste and minimizing the environmental footprint. 

Traditional options, like plastic containers, take years to decompose, burdening landfills and may harm wildlife. 

Our compostable containers break down to natural elements faster under proper composting conditions. 

What is Composting

Composting is a natural process where organic materials decompose into nutrient-rich soil. 

Our compostable products are made from renewable resources like fully biodegradable sugarcane fibre. 

The materials are disposed of in a commercial composting facility where they return to the earth without leaving harmful residues. 

Variety of Compostable Options

At QNP Supplies, we have a range of compostable takeout supplies to suit your business needs: 

  • Bowls: Our biodegradable packaging, including composable bowls, is perfect for soups, salads, and grains. They are sturdy and leakproof, providing convenience and functionality for your business. 
  • Plates: The compostable plates are designed to handle hot and cold foods without compromising strength. 
  • Utensils: Our compostable utensils include bamboo forks, knives, and spoons, which offer similar durability to traditional plastic or metal utensils. 

We also have single-ply dinner napkins made from recycled paper.

  • Containers: Our compostable takeaway containers are available in various sizes and perfect for everything from appetizers to full meals.

They are matched with compostable lids that secure the food and prevent spills for an exceptional takeout experience. 

Our range of eco-friendly packaging products is suitable for all foods and ideal for serving hot, cold, or greasy dishes without losing functionality or integrity. 

Benefits for restaurants

As more customers seek eco-friendly packaging options, consumer demand is the driving force behind sustainability practices. 

Compostable containers can help meet this demand and enhance your restaurant’s reputation. 

Benefits of incorporating compostable containers include:

Positive brand Impact: 

Showing your brand’s commitment to sustainability can boost your brand image. 

Customers appreciate and support eco-friendly businesses, which can help attract new patrons and promote loyalty from existing customers. 

Cost Effectiveness:

We offer competitive pricing to help you easily transition into eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Explore our compostable supplies at wholesale prices for the best deals in Vancouver. 

Functionality and Performance

We have made our biodegradable packaging products to match, if not exceed, the performance of traditional options. Which are:

  • Leakproof: Designed to prevent spills and leaks, ensuring a mess-free experience. 
  • Heat-resistant: They can handle hot food without losing shape or structural integrity. 
  • Durable: They can carry heavy meals and withstand the rigours of takeout and delivery.

Custom Printing:

QNP Supplies offers custom printing and customisable packaging services, helping you brand your takeout supplies with your logo and design. 

This helps reinforce your brand identity and turn your packaging into a marketing tool, telling your values with every order.

Why Make the Shift to Compostable Products

Compostable containers have a lower environmental impact as they are made from renewable resources and decompose quickly. 

They are unlike traditional containers made from non-renewable petroleum-based products that are potential pollutants and take longer to decompose. 

Moreover, compostable containers offer higher reliability and performance than traditional containers at a significantly lower environmental cost. 

Ready to Make the Switch?

Make an intelligent investment towards sustainability with QNP Supplies compostable takeout containers. 

Reach your sustainability goals and maintain customer acquisition and retention with our quality products at incredible wholesale prices. 

Make your order or contact us for a quote today to get started.

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