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Compostable Utensils

We lead the way in sustainable food packaging with our high-quality compostable utensils. 

QNP Supplies is here to help those in the food and restaurant industry find quality, environmentally friendly takeout supplies. 

Our compostable cutlery is reliable and functional to ensure a fine dining experience for your customers. 

The Sustainable and Convenient Solution

Our compostable utensils or flatware are made from renewable resources, are tender to the environment, and are high quality. 

They are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic utensils, which heavily burden landfills and contribute to environmental pollution.

Birchwood and bamboo are some of the renewable sources for our compostable cutlery. 

These natural materials decompose into nutrient-rich soil, promoting a healthier environment. 

The materials are sturdy and durable, reducing losses or waste in breakages or warped shapes. 

Variety of Compostable Utensils

QNP Supplies offers a wide range of products to cater to your needs.:

  • Wooden Spoons: Wooden utensils provide many benefits to your consumers and business. 

They are strong and won’t scratch or perforate your takeout containers. The compostable spoons are suitable for soups, desserts and beverages.

  • Wooden Forks: Wooden forks and spoons are antibacterial, aesthetically appealing, and non-reactive to food. They are suitable for salads, sides, and entrees.
  • Wooden Knife: Our wooden knife is durable and lightweight for easy food handling.

It also has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use, efficient, and safe for human use. It can help cut through meat, vegetables, and other foods. 

  • Dinner Napkins: These are single-ply paper napkins made from recycled paper. They are folded to a standard size for napkin dispensers.  
  • Compostable Chopsticks: Disposable wooden chopsticks are made of eco-friendly bamboo, making them durable and robust. They are great for Asian cuisine and other foods requiring chopsticks.

Our compostable flatware is available in various packaging options for enhanced hygiene and convenience. 

We have individually packed utensils with plastic sleeves for sanitary handling, but you can also opt for individually packed utensils with paper sleeves.

Benefits for Restaurants 

Convenience for Takeout and Delivery:

Our compostable cutlery is conveniently packed for takeout and delivery orders. 

They come in different types of packaging sleeves to ensure sanitary handling. 

Providing utensils with every order enhances the customer experience, ensuring they have all they need to enjoy the meal. 


We offer compostable utensils at competitive wholesale prices in Canada. Therefore, you can stock up on compostable spoons and forks without significantly affecting your bottom line. 

Improved Brand Image:

Compostable cutlery, such as wooden spoons and forks, helps cement your commitment to sustainability. 

This approach can set you apart from your competitors while attracting a new type of consumer, the eco-conscious demographic. 

Functionality and Performance:

Our compostable utensils offer the same reliability as the traditional plastic option while going easy on the environment. 

They are durable and robust, capable of handling a wide range of foods without bending or breaking. 

They are also heat resistant and are suitable for cold or hot meals.

Custom Printing:

Wooden spoons and forks are classy products that can look better with your logo or unique design. 

We offer custom printing services for your compostable utensils, which can help market your brand’s front on sustainability. 

Though the utensils are disposable, some, like the bamboo chopsticks, can last a while longer, and branding them can keep you in the customers’ minds. 

Make the Switch Today

QNP Supplies is your one-stop shop for compostable utensils in Canada. Get quality products and enhance your brand awareness with our custom printing service. 

Browse our wide range of compostable utensils available at competitive wholesale prices. Contact us for a quote today and make that shift to eco friendly packaging solutions.

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