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Show off your creation with personalized take out boxes tailored to your brand. We offer professional grade custom designed take out containers catered to you.

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Our all-inclusive service covers warehouse storage, fulfillment and more, freeing you to grow your enterprise. QNP Supplies integrates storage, inventory management, order fulfillment, pick-and-pack, and shipping/delivery services conveniently under one roof.

Brown Kraft Noodle Box

Made from Recycled Paper. Recyclable and BPA Free. Leak-resistant, poly coated interior, FDA compliant.

Take Out Containers & Food Packaging for Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants are booming as takeout and delivery become the new normal. But with this shift comes the challenge of finding dependable take out containers, food boxes, and other eco-friendly food packaging that keeps food fresh and operations running smoothly. That’s where our food packaging solutions come in!

We’re your one-stop shop for green carry out containers and janitorial supply solutions.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality, sustainable options for restaurant take out supplies, including paper cups, plastic cold cups, portion cups, kraft paper bowls, and janitorial supplies like spray bottles, cleaners and jugs. Everything you need to meet your packaging requirements while contributing to a brighter future.

No matter the size of your restaurant or coffee shop, enjoy convenient nationwide delivery of take out containers and food packaging supplies across Canada. We get it to you fast, so you can focus on what matters most – creating delicious food.

But that’s not all! We understand every restaurant is unique, so we offer personalized deals to meet your restaurant/cafe’s goals. Let’s keep your take out orders flowing and the planet happy, one delicious takeout order at a time!

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Shipping Supplies

Labels, poly & bubble mailer bags, thermal printers & more.

Cleaning Essentials!

Janitorial Supplies

Cleaners, jugs, spray bottles, gloves & more.

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Packaging Supplies

Glass jars, kraft mylar & vacuum seal bags.

Restaurant Takeout

Composable Products

Bowls, cups, hinged containers, plates, portion cups, utensils, more.

Restaurant Takeout

Paper Products

Kraft paper bowls, portion cups, takeout containers, paper cups, straws & more.

Restaurant Takeout

Plastic Products

Cold cups, deli containers, meal prep, PP hinge, soup bowls & more.

Our Initiative Towards Sustainability With Custom Food Packaging

In today’s eco-conscious world, QNP Supplies proudly supports restaurants and cafes on their sustainability journey. We’re committed to transitioning our product line towards paper-based options, a renewable and readily recyclable material. This includes significantly reducing plastic used within take out containers and food packaging – we aim for a 50% decrease!

We’ve already made significant strides towards this goal. Our eco-friendly takeout supplies include compostable, kraft paper bowls and plates, paper soup bowls, and many more. Join us in our green initiative! Together, we can build a more sustainable future.

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Biodegradable Multi-purpose Cleaner

Fast-acting industrial strength cleaning.

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Self Sealing Poly Mailer Envelope

Polyethylene Envelopes with black inner privacy lining that's tough & tear-proof.

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Bamboo Chopsticks (Paper Sleeved)

Eco-friendly, individually wrapped for sanitary handling.

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Kraft Containers

Made from natural Kraft paper stock using chlorine-free manufacturing process

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While plastic is commonly used for food packaging equipment, QNP Supplies aims to change that. We offer durable packaging made from compostable materials and Kraft paper, assisting restaurants and cafes of all sizes become environmentally conscious.
The best take away containers & food boxes must be secure, cost-effective, and safe for food. QNP Supplies meets all three criteria and improves on them by offering sustainability as well.
When selecting packaging supplies for your restaurant/cafe, you must evaluate the needs. This includes carefully considering the right packaging according to your product, the units required for a time frame, and your budget.
Eco-friendly packaging helps reduce plastic waste and promotes environmental conservation. In a climate-conscious world, it also improves your brand’s reputation and goodwill.
Yes, we do offer custom printing options for bulk orders. QNP Supplies understands the role of packaging in branding and brand identity. You can share your brand logo and design with us, and we will upload them to paper trays, single-wall and double-wall coffee cups, paper soda cups, noodle boxes, etc. You can customize the number of units you want, and we will deliver them to your doorstep.
Make sure the container is properly sealed before it leaves the site. Use leak-proof containers for items like soups, gravies, and oily foods. Proper labelling is just as important.