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Hotels and Accommodations

At QNP Supplies, we serve the Hotel & Accommodations Industry, and are proud to have partnered with small, mid-sized, and large businesses.

At our core, we provide eco-friendly single and multi-use products. We are the trusted and reliable supplier for businesses in both Canada and the US. Our main distinction is our willingness to work with customers and prospective customers to come to a deal that works with both parties. Each client has unique needs and we want to be able to cater to them.

Our company culture is very forward thinking, and our team is very close knit. Our warehouse team is fast paced, personable, flexible, and we can make sure the customers are taken care of. We can arrange for certain custom requests if it helps the customer. We are driven by providing seamless solutions for our customers.

For businesses that already have a supplier, we’d love to also be a secondary option as a back-supplier, just in case.

Finding the right packaging supplies for your business can take time and effort. With so many factors to consider and a wide range of products and materials available, it’s understandable that the decision-making process can feel overwhelming.

The appropriate packaging supplies are essential to ensuring your business operates smoothly and efficiently, whether you’re searching for kraft boxes, glass jars, labels, or food containers. Today, we’ll go over everything you need to know to make the best packaging supply decision for your business.

Selecting the Best Packaging Option

Having the right packaging option for your business packaging needs is essential. It can help protect your goods and communicate your brand message and values to the customer. 

Check out these factors when selecting the best packaging option for your business.


Any package design project must begin with a budget determination. This will limit the materials you can use and the available budget to make your design as appealing as possible.

Although consumers find glass and natural fibres beautiful and visually appealing, numerous cost-effective alternatives exist. For example, food-grade cardboard and plastic containers are low-cost materials with excellent crush resistance and intriguing design possibilities.

There are other cheaper solutions, too, such as vacuum-sealed and ziplock bags. Finding the right balance between the amount of money you want to spend on creative products and the amount of money you’ll need on materials will significantly impact your project’s success.

Materials And Sustainability

Determining your requirements is a good start regarding the materials you choose for product packaging. A suitable space for the correct package is essential, just as you wouldn’t want to live in a house that is either too big or too small.

Consumer friendliness is the primary focus of e-commerce products. Excellent flexible bagging options are now widely available, protecting your product during transportation while remaining simple to open and discard.

You will be proud of taking the time to become acquainted with the various materials at your disposal. Find out which materials perform the best and choose the ones best suited to your products.

Brand and Design

Even though money, transportation, materials, and package design must all be considered and incorporated into your overall package design, it is critical to keep your audience at the forefront of each decision. You can succeed with packaging designs by always keeping your target clients in mind.

Any disparity between your materials or design and your brand’s message may need to be clarified for customers and could potentially erode their trust in your company. The material you choose for your package design is an extension of your brand.

Before making these important marketing and branding decisions, you must research and understand your target audience. Market research is an excellent way to learn what your target market values and how to match those specifics with your sustainability, budget, and transportation goals.

Always consider and meet the needs of your target market.

Finding the Right Supplier

With the right supply store, you can create attractive and practical packaging that adds value to your products and helps to increase customer satisfaction.

From considering the price to quality assurance, these factors will help you make an informed decision when selecting a packaging supplier.

Reasonable Costs

Expensive packaging is another cost you may be forced to pass on to your customers. A reasonable packaging supplier can assist you in lowering your costs while also decreasing your overhead.

Find a supplier who can assist you in remaining competitive with the right solution for you.

High-Quality Products

Finding a high-quality source can help you ensure that your customers have a positive first experience with your products because how a product feels and looks in their hands is essential.

High-quality packaging can withstand associated pressure and stresses while being transported.

Both mailers and boxes should be able to protect your belongings stylishly. Another indicator of quality is consistency; it must be exceptional every time.

Wide Product Selection

You require packaging that is as distinct as your products and brand. A provider who offers a diverse range of goods will make it possible to find the ideal packaging. They can also help you meet your needs as your company grows and evolves.

Many companies also offer custom packing, which includes boxes, tissue paper, tape, and even office supplies. A large selection indicates that your packaging supplier can handle growth. You don’t want to waste time looking for a new supplier, especially if your company is doing well.

Begin with a well-established organization that can grow alongside you and has the knowledge and experience to adapt to the needs of your business.

Excellent Customer Service

Your experience is critical, and it goes beyond the assistance provided by customer service representatives during a crisis. Your provider should be prompt and efficient regarding delivery and other fulfillment.


Investing in the right packaging supplies and materials can help your business achieve its goals. They provide a great way to present and protect your products while delivering an attractive look that speaks to customers. Knowing your packaging needs is vital to ensuring you get the most value for your money. Understanding the different kinds of packaging available can help you find your perfect fit. Learn about packaging suppliers in Canada and find the best for your needs.

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable packaging supplier, look at QNP Supplies. We offer a wide range of products and materials to meet your packaging needs. Check our online shop to find the perfect packaging solution for your business. Trust QNP Supplies for your packaging needs!

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