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A Guide To Recycling Takeout Containers

In an age where ordering food at your finger tip takes literally 5 seconds, take out supply demand is ever growing. We at QNP Supplies want to promote being green as best as we can, and keep out as many things in the landfill as we can. We get these questions a lot, so we decided to make a post for you all. Below is a list for commonly used packaging for take-out and how you can recycle it:

Plastic Meal Prep Containers:

Meal prep container should be rinsed and re-used as much as possible. They offer great flexibility, are microwaveable, and are stackable to save room in the fridge. Once they have been used a few times, both the lid and container go in your blue box or container recycling. Most locations accept this, but best to check with your local municipality rules in your area.

Foam Containers:

Foam containers are slowly getting banned in more and more areas, and we for one are happy to hear that. They break easily, are left on the street curbsides, and very unpleasant to look at. These unfortunately just seem to be a cost effective option for restaurants, even though they have a very negative impact. However, there are recycling depots that accept these if they are rinsed off. So please do your part, after you enjoy the meal give them a rinse. They are light and stack easily, so you can save them up and make a trip once a month to your local recycling depot. Everyone will thank you.

Pizza Boxes:

Did you know? Your pizza boxes go into your cardboard/paper recycling. Just make sure you take the wax paper off with the left over cheese on it. In general, the paper with the cheese on it can go in your green bin. (please refer to your local municipality rules) and the clean pizza box can go into your paper/cardboard recycling.

Kraft Paper Containers:

More and more restaurants are using kraft paper containers which is great because these are also recyclable! Kraft containers can also be included with your paper recycling if they are empty and clean, so after you enjoy your food, just give it a quick rinse before anything dries up and it'll be easy as pie. 

Bagasse Compostable Containers:

We are definitely seeing more of these bagasse containers being used. They are made out of a renewable source, and are non toxic. Some municipality accept them with your paper recycling, and others have commercial facilities to break them down quickly. (please refer to your local municipality) If you have compost bin in the yard, these will break down in 60-90 days along with the food and soil in it, leaving nothing behind.

Foil wrap and containers:

Depending on the food you order, usually the lids for these are foil-lined paper, and more often than not they end up being soaked in grease, so you can't really recycle that. However, the aluminum trays are recyclable. Just like the other containers,  Remove any stuck-on food, rinse, and put in your blue bin. That's it!



Paper Beverage cups:

Paper beverage cups and paper sleeves are recycled with your cardboard/paper recycling as long as its empty. Its a good idea to give it a rinse too. Make sure you separate the lids. The plastic lids go in the blue bin.


Plastic Beverage cups:

Plastic beverage cups and lids can be recycled with your blue bin as long as its empty. Its a good idea to give it a rinse too. Depending on your straw material, they can either be in your blue bin if its plastic, or with your cardboard/paper recycling if its made out of paper.

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