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Bubble Tea Shops

Bubble Tea Cup & Boba Tea Cups

Boba Tea Cups are a necessity for anybody serving boba tea & juice shops that use our sealing machine.  At QNP Supplies, cups are a top priority -- it’s what we originally got started in, so it’s important to us. That’s why we strive to bring you a great product at an economical price.

Bubble Tea Cup Supplier

We are one of the largest bubble tea cup suppliers. Boba Shops reach out to us with orders as small as a couple case and as large as 1,000,000 custom cups -- wholesale orders small and large are welcomed at QNP Supplies.  

The difference between a bubble tea cup and a regular plastic cup is slight.  We have two types that work. Our PET Plastic Cups and our specially made PP cups with U shaped rims.  These U shaped rims are designed to give an even firmer seal with sealing machines. Both of these styles can use our sealing machine.  We don’t make PET cups with U shaped rims because it’s not necessary -- the PET plastic naturally has a stronger seal with sealing film.

One Stop Shop Distributor of Boba Tea Cups

We’re a one stop shop distributor.  We carry everything you’ll need for a bubble tea shop or juice shop from the machinery and refrigeration down to napkins.  Not only that, but we carry beverages supplies, toppings, and all the speciality beverage and dessert items you’ll need including:  Plastic Cup Sealing Machine, Jelly Drink & Dessert Toppings, Beverage Napkins, Boba Tapioca Pearls, Bubble Tea Straws, and Popping Pearls.

Boba Cups and Bubble Tea Lids

When it comes to pleasing your café patrons, having the best ingredients for your bubble tea is important. Sure, the bubble tea and the tapioca pearls are the tastiest part of the drink, but the accessories help make the whole bubble tea experience that people want to keep coming back for. Using quality boba cups and bubble tea lids provide your customers a pleasurable tea drinking session for any situation, whether they’re getting it to go or to sit in your shop.

Hard PP Cups (2 Product)Hot Paper Cups (29 Product)PET Cups & Lids (51 Product)PLA Cups (Biodegradable) (17 Product)PP Cups & Lids (normally for sealing machine) (13 Product)

Have Questions About our Products?

Sit back and let us help you find what you need. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and one of our friendly boba experts will be happy to help you with a question or to start an order for your shop either way. You’re one quick call away from great service.

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